2015 - 2017 11 New Schools rebuilt in Nepal - 2,500 Children with a new hope.

100% Juniper – run by volunteers, no overheads, no expenses.

Every $ or £ that has been raised will go directly to help the projects JT is involved with.

The Juniper Trust has a long history of supporting projects which are directly linked to Health and Education. Historic projects include the rebuilding of Congress School in Darjeeling, Lingshed Hostel in Leh, installation of Solar panels in a remote village in Spiti and general support for the Ladakh Flood appeal in 2010. JT has given the Northern Areas of Pakistan considerable support over the years including teacher training and the building of a new school in the remote village of Asumbar. In Kenya, the Trust has helped Island School in Ol Maisor, Gitare Primary School in Tanzania and in Peru JT has supported Val Pitkethly who has been the driving force behind the installation of 5000 solar lights in remote mountain villages. In Nepal, KE supports the Adarsha Bal Vikas Kendra (ABVK) School for physically and mentally handicapped children and the PRAN Centre of Excellence. Our most recent projects are the building of 11 schools in Nepal following the Earthquake in 2015 and the refurbishment of the hostel for blind students in Kathmandu (Dec 2016). There are two more school rebuilding projects planned for 2018.

Latest Projects

11 New Schools - A Promise Delivered