Pictures from the KE Juniper Trust Trek 2016 - 10 New Schools
92% £180000 Required

£165000 Received

Glenn Rowley, from KE Adventure Travel, and a group of KE trekkers saw for themselves how Nepalese schools which had been flattened have now been totally rebuilt thanks to more than £165,000 which was raised between the KE and the Juniper Trust. Around 1,200 pupils in remote mountainside regions which are among those worst hit have already benefited from new uniforms and school equipment supplied by the Juniper Trust. Glenn and his group, who arrived back from the trek at the end of November 2016, visited nine of the 10 rebuilt schools during a 10-day KE Juniper Trust trek from Jiri to Khumjung, a small village close to Mount Everest.

JT continue to fund-raise for the schools as work is currently underway to build additional toilet blocks at Janasewwa and Uma Kunda schools and a new classroom at Uma Kunda school. We hope to have all 3 projects complete in the New Year.

You can still donate to the school projects at:

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