Baltistan Teacher Training, Hushe

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

This is an educational development and improvement programme, run by the Felix BaltistanFoundation (FBF), supporting schools within the Hushe Valley. There are 28 schools between the 8 villages in Hushe,and initially there will be a survey of all the schools to assess their facilities and to determine what support is required. The overall aim of the scheme is to provide teacher training programmes and ongoing support for the schools in Hushe. The selection of teachers for the various training programmes is based on merit and gender perspective. The initial incentive of the FBF was to provide better teacher training for women, but men can also be considered, now that the project is becoming larger scale with increased financial support. The women’s committee in each village are responsible for selecting which teachers will be sent for training, based on how they intend to use their training to improve the education of the schools in their area.

In 2011, the Juniper Trust initially donated £1000 to fund 10 teachers from the Hushe Valley to complete a training course based in Gilgit. In 2012, JT raised a further £2500 to support a baseline survey for 28 schools, to find out what materials were lacking, and for a teacher training programme for 10 teachers working in schools in the Hushe Valley. In 2013 JT donated £750 to fund one week of teacher training for two women teachers.

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