Karama Orphanage
8% £3000 Required

£225 Received

Located in Arusha, Northern Tanzania, Karama Orphanage was opened in 2011 by Connie Naber. After spending several years volunteering within orphanages in Arusha, Tanzania, Connie Naber learnt about the plight of several children that were about to face displacement from an orphanage. Without hesitation (and an awful lot of hard work in between), Connie founded and opened the Karama Orphanage in 2011 to provide housing and care for children with HIV/AIDS. Currently housing and caring for 11 children, Karama provides a family life and moreover essential medical care to improve the life-chances for the children with HIV/AIDS. Caring for the children is a small team of Tanzanian staff and like any household, looking after children is hardwork! With all of the children attending school together with food bills and moreover the vital HIV/AIDS medical supplies. the costs of running Karama Orphanage soon rack up.

Along with Connie, behind the scenes of Karama and far beyond Arusha, a team of UK and US volunteers dedicate their time to raise funds, gather resources and volunteer at the orphanage to improve facilities, secure funding and create a brighter future for young people with limited life chances. One of the biggest expenses Karama Orphanage face are the medical bills for HIV/AIDS treatment and related conditions. In 2014, The Juniper Trust helped with £1000 to pay for medical visits and a much needed fridge/freezer. In 2015 Juniper Trust donated a further £1000 to help with the day to day running costs, new bedding, clothing, sofa repairs and a bunk bed. In 2016, Hayley Rudd, one of Karama’s UK volunteers participated in Tough Mudder and with the support of Juniper Trust successfully raised £3664.59 to pay for medicine, clinic and hospital expenses, medical supplies and transport to and from appointments.

In July 2017, Hayley walked across the country to raise money for Karama. Raising nearly £3000 by trekking 199 miles and completing Wainwrights Coast to Coast walk from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay. Hayley was joined by different friends along the route, who offered much support and blister care - especially on the day she had to walk 20.5 miles in flip flops! The money raised will pay for much needed medical expenses over the next year. With 4 new additions to the Karama family it will go a long way. In September Hayley will be making her annual visit to Arusha and is looking forward to spending time with the kids, meeting the newbies and reporting back to Juniper Trust.”

August 2017 - The Juniper trust has promised a donation of £1000 which will cover the educational needs for all 16 children for about a year. This will help with uniforms, shoes, P.E kits including trainers, stationary, text books, exercise books, transport. The children at boarding school also need their own toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and vaseline), to see them through a term.

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