Seshawe Pre School – Zimbabwe

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

Seshawe School is located in the Bubi District of Zimbabwe and lessons are currently conducted in mud-brick buildings, with barely any learning facilities and rudimentary furniture. The current structure has been deemed as unsafe, as the materials used are just mud and thatch and could crumble at any time. The Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust contacted the Juniper Trust in December 2015. They asked for our help in funding a new classroom block, to provide a safe and reliable learning base for 167 children.

The total budget for the project is £10,600. This money will cover the cost of building materials and some professional labour, though most of the labour will be carried out voluntarily by parents and villagers. The Juniper Trust sent an initial donation of £1500, to enable the building work to start. We are now seeking further donations so that we can continue to support this project until completion.

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