Asumbar Village School, Ishkoman
89% £9000 Required

£8000 Received

In 2011, as part of JT’s support for the Flood victims of Northern Pakistan, £6000 was raised and donated to fund the building of a new school in Asumbar, which lies in a remote valley in Ishkoman, Northern Pakistan. Previously, there was no school at all and the children were being taught in the house of the local volunteer teacher. Ayub Khan, who has been leading treks to the Northern Areas of Pakistan for KE for almost 30 years, first visited Asumbar in 2011 whilst trying to help flood victims in the Ishkoman Valley. Having seen the need for a school, he approached JT for help and several local agencies to provide a teacher. In the Autumn of 2011, an area was cleared before the winter snows arrived and in the spring of 2012, the locals from Asumbar, supervised by Ayub Khan, started to work on the project. Foundations were dug, walls built and finally in December of that year, the roof went on just before the snows arrived again.

Throughout the spring of 2013, the school was completed and opened at the end of April 2013 by the Shadri Community Deputy Commissioner to teach both boys and girls from the village but other children, from nearby villages, who would otherwise have no education, will also attend the school. As part of the ongoing support for Asumbar School, JT have also funded the first year’s salary for a new teacher, equipment for the school and uniforms for the pupils.

To ensure the schools sustainability, JT raised a further £2000 in 2014 to go towards new uniforms, equipment and to pay the teacher’s salary for another year. In March 2015 - Ayub Khan made the long trek with his wife and daughter to make the delivery, which coincided with the 2nd annual results from the school. Two girls from the village, who were educated at Asumbar have qualified to go on to further education, the very first to do so. However, the nearest high school is a difficult four hour walk from Asumbar and Ayub is trying to raise sponsorship to allow the girls to live closer to the school.

We would like to thank Ayub for his continued support to this very worthwhile cause.

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