Balodaya School

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

Balodaya was one of the Juniper Trust’s pioneer projects in the year 2000. School classrooms were rebuilt to improve the educational area and a bathroom facility was also added, which led to a more hygienic environment for the pupils. Following on from this work, JT helped the school to get hooked up to electricity, build further toilets and install a large ground water tank with power to pump the water to the latrines. Five Ways school helped raise money for this project and to provide uniforms and shoes for the 103 children, as most parents are extremely poor and can barely afford a uniform for their children.Though this building work is complete, KE clients are welcome to visit the School while on their visit to Nepal, and we encourage donations to support the school`s running and improvement costs. As one of the last few free (non-fee) schools in the area, we feel it is imperative that the school continues to provide a high standard of education, and to be valued by the local community.