Budha Kinja Primary, Jiri-Everest
100% £10750 Required

£10750 Received

Kinja village is situated on the Jiri-Everest Trekking trail and as well as being a hub for the surrounding villages, is used by trekkers for an overnight stay. The school is a medium sized one, with 131 students from the poorer backgrounds as the more affluent parents manage to send their children to bigger towns for schooling. The school was completely flattened and the few students that were able to continue with their education were using tents and temporary classrooms until the new school was completed. The school was finally completed in March 2016 and new uniforms and equipment were delivered for all the students in early April. Rebuilding the school, using local labour and locally sourced material where possible came to £8,500

School Uniform Update - JT has raised the £2750 to provide uniforms and schools bags (with equipment), to all 130 pupils and these were delivered in May 2016.

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