Garjyang School  (no. 11)
70% £20000 Required

£14000 Received

Following the completion of JT’s ambitious project to rebuild 10 schools in Nepal, JT were approached by many villages that are still without a school, almost two years after the earthquake. Garjyang Village was chosen from the several requests for help and is situated a short drive from Jiri in a remote valley that seldom sees visitors. They requested help to rebuild a 6 classroom school for their 200+ children at a cost of $25,000 (£20,000). Using the JT building contractor for supervision and using local labour to provide income to the village, work commenced in April 2017 and the foundations were in place by early July.

Great progress was made during the summer months and in November 2017, a team of young volunteers from Keswick in England made a trip to Nepal to help out with the finishing touches at to the school. They delivered uniforms, bags, shoes and schools equipment for the 200 children, paid for by part of their £10,000 fundraising target.

JT would like to offer a special thank you for a generous donation from Oliver Knowles, Alan Oatway and Mike Ritson, who were in Nepal when the earthquake struck. They have already helped to raise money for three more of the 12 JT schools.

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