Gitare Primary School, Kenya

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

Gitare Primary is a 25-year-old school, which teaches pupils aged from 6-12 years. Historically, the school has had assistance with improvements from a local Methodist Church but the school is still very run down and badly needs attention. Electricity to the school is currently funded via donations from parents and the classrooms need considerable improvements and new equipment. Despite teachers salaries’ being paid for by the government, 90% of the existing facilities have been built from parent donations and Methodist church assistance.

Alderley Edge School for Girls visited Gitare School in July 2012 and did some amazing work. They raised a staggering £12,000, which fully funded the building of a library for the school. The girls also renovated the Nursery classroom and donated 100 musical recorders, football equipment and classroom materials. There were 23 in the group, including parents, and they all worked really hard on this project. They mixed cement by hand to lay the floor of the library and made A-frames for the roof. Three wooden book-shelves were crafted and painted, ready for the books. The nursery classroom was renovated and the girls painted some beautiful educational murals on the walls, as well as painting all the tables and chairs. The nursery children couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their new classroom. After three days at the school, the group had achieved so much and they were all very sad to leave. Alderley Edge have pledged to continue their support and are planning another visit in 2014. After their return to the UK, they continued to raise funds and are now paying for Eric Mwgendi Mbae, an ex-Gitare pupil, to complete his four-year nursing diploma.

JT will work together with Alderley Edge to raise money for further improvements to the school and also to sponsor further education for another pupil.

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