Hushe Water Supply, Baltistan, Pakistan

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

At the time KE began to work with the Juniper Trust, almost 20 years ago, work had already been started on a project to pipe clean drinking water to the remote village of Hushe in Baltistan, Northern Pakistan. The project took almost two years to complete at a cost of £35,000, most of which was raised by KE clients. KE have since returned to this important project and carried out a considerable amount of essential repair and maintenance, and the Juniper Trust kindly help to raise £2000 to ensure a clean supply of water to the village. As part of its continued support for this project, KE raised a further £2000 in 2007 for the general repair and maintenance work that was required, ensuring a clean water supply to the village. Each year, several KE groups pass through Hushe on their way to the Gondokoro La and K2 and we are happy to see that the water and electricity is flowing. JT continues to support the Hushe Valley with teacher training and repairing the damage caused by the floods in 2010.