Island School, Kenya

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

Island School was originally built on a site that turned into a marsh and had to be relocated to higher ground some 15 years ago - hence the name Island School. The school consisted of 3 stone classrooms and 5 mud and wattle classes and taught over 300 primary school students of various ages.

Jo Richardson School (from the UK) first visited Island School in 2007 and helped re-painted the stone buildings, replace the mabati (tin) roofing that had holes in it, fixed guttering to the new roof and connected it to a water tank to help in the provision of drinking water for the pupils, laid concrete flooring in the mud and wattle classes to replace the earth floors, and built benches and desks for the pupils. In 2009 they revisited the project again and laid the concrete floor of one of the classrooms, built the walls on two sides of an additional two classrooms, built and varnished the window frames for the three classrooms and varnished the doors for the classrooms. In 2011, on their last visit, £4,000 was raised to complete the roofing and gutters for three new classrooms and to purchase a large water tank, which will ensure that any rain that falls will be hygienically stored for use by the school. Over the three school trips, Jo Richardson have raised a total of almost £10,000 which has been matched with funds from the The Juniper Trust.