Janassewa School, Chaulakharka
100% £15200 Required

£15200 Received

Situated in the poorer Chaulakharka district of the Solu Khumbu, not too far from Yuwa Basa and Uma Kunda, this isolated school was completely destroyed and had just over 200 pupils, including some physically disabled children. There was no road to the village and no other funding at all to rebuild. The cost to re-build the school was £10,400 with an additional £4800 to provide uniforms, shoes, jackets and school bags, full of useful equipment, to all 230 pupils.

The funding for Janassewa School is being provided by a fund-raising group consisting of Oliver Knowles, Alan Oatway and Mike Ritson, who were in Nepal when the earthquake struck. They were cut off in the village of Simigaon in the Rolwaling and had no choice but to stay there until it was safer for travel. Over 5 days they witnessed how brilliantly the villagers coped with the destruction of their homes and they resolved to raise money to help re-build the community buildings of Simigaon and other villages which were affected. Their fundraising efforts were based in Devon, Cumbria and North Wales with donations coming from individuals and organisations in those three areas and personal contacts from much further afield - even as far as New Zealand! The school was opened in August 2016.

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