Juving School, Kharikola
0% £25,000 ($34,000) Required

£25,000 ($34,000) Received

Juving Secondary School has 230 students and 8 teachers. Six classrooms were destroyed in the earthquake, as were the the toilets and library. The Juving School Project has been one of the larger ones, requiring 4 classrooms, 2 toilets, a computer room, library and a staff room for the teachers. The local community is very poor and received no funding from any other sources. The new school cost $34,000, using local labour and locally sourced material.

Funding for Juving School was helped by a fund-raising group consisting of Oliver Knowles, Alan Oatway and Mike Ritson, who were in Nepal when the earthquake struck. They were cut off in the village of Simigaon in the Rolwaling and had no choice but to stay there until it was safer for travel. Over 5 days they witnessed how brilliantly the villagers coped with the destruction of their homes and they resolved to raise money to help re-build the community buildings of Simigaon and other villages which were affected. Their fundraising efforts were based in Devon, Cumbria and North Wales with donations coming from individuals and organisations in those three areas and personal contacts from much further afield.

October 2015 - The school drawings were completed and money was sent to begin clearing the new site and collecting stones.

February 2016 - the land was now cleared and the locals started collecting and splitting stones for the foundations.

May 2016 - the foundations were laid work started on the lower walls and the window frames.

July 2016 - The roof was on and the windows and doors were in place

Sept 2016 - The school was officially opened on sept 7th 2016.

School Uniform, Bag and Equipment: JT raised and additional $8,200 to provide new shoes, uniform, school bag and equipment to all 230 children.

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