Jyamire Chaur Primary School
0% ££5,400 ($7000) Required

££5,400 ($7000) Received

Situated between Gorkha and Kathmandu, Jyamire Chaur was badly hit by the earthquake and received no funds to help rebuild the school. Its a primary school with 42 Boys, 48 Girls and 5 teachers including the principle, Mrs. Rashmi Upreti. They teach Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten and years, one, two and three. The cost of materials materials to rebuild the school is $5,000 as the local villagers agreed to do the work themselves without charge. JT has raised a further $2,000 for new uniforms and equipment for all the 90 pupils and the school was officially opened in August 2016. A special thanks must go to Andrew Broughton from the Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale who has donated all of the $7,000 from his personal savings to fund this project. Andrew will be visiting the school as part of a longer trek in November 2016. Thank you Andrew!

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