A Promise Delivered - The Story
0% £180,000 ($230,000) Required

£165,000 ($220,000) Received

11 New Schools - A Promise Delivered. 2,500 Children with a new hope.

For all of us who love the mountains and whose lives have been touched by the charming people who inhabit high places, we have some great news to report along with a huge thank you. 11 new schools have now been built (Dec 2017) and 2,500 children are now embarking on a life of hope following the ‘Rebuilding Nepal’ earthquake appeal which has raised an astonishing amount in the aftermath of the massive shocks which devastated some of the poorest areas of this small Himalayan country.

A 7.8 magnitude tremor on 25 April 2015, followed by a 7.3 aftershock two weeks later on 12 May, killed almost 9,000 people. More than 740,000 homes were damaged or destroyed throughout Nepal but nowhere was worse hit than the steep, crowded and poor mountainside dwellings close to the epicenter in the Sindhupalchok District and the villages between Jiri and Lukla.

Almost 3 years after the earthquake, daily life is returning to normal but there is still much to do. A joint fundraising effort between KE Adventure Travel and JT has so far raised over $250,000 to help rebuild schools in the most affected areas which were unlikely to receive any other help. The fundraising also provided for the delivery of new uniforms, winter coats, shoes, bags, books and pencils to over 2,500 children in the same villages.

The difficulty of sourcing and delivering materials into a remote region, the complexity of permission, new earthquake regulations and the vagaries of the weather, was occasionally daunting but with the invaluable help of our local teams, the work was fast-tracked and JT delivered quickly, ahead of the bulk of international aid, by getting money and supplies direct to the people.

11 schools is an incredible achievement by anyone’s standards but there is still much to do. JT will continue to raise additional funds to help more villages still in need. The reputation of Juniper Trust has spread to other villages and we already have several requests of help from other schools. JT has already located 2 more schools in the same which we hope to be able to rebuild in 2018.

Our thanks go to the individuals in the field who made all this possible, the voluntary help of KE agents and staff on the ground and, most of all, to the generous donations from everyone who contributed to the schools project.

The Schools: Balakanya 80 Children Cost:$21,000 ; Budha Kinja 140 Children Cost:$16,500 ; Janassewa 220 Children Cost:$22,000 ; Juving 240 Children Cost:$46,200 ; Jyamire 100 Children Cost:$7,250 ;Sagarmatha 20 Children Cost:$14,500 ; Satkanya 90 Children Cost:$32,503 ; Seti Devi 130 Children Cost:$32,046 ; Uma Kunda 120 Children, Cost:$15,420 ; Yuwa Barsa 60 Children, Cost:$6,731 Garjyang School 250 Children, Cost:$35,000

100% Juniper – run by volunteers, no overheads, no expenses. Every $ or £ that has been raised will go directly to help the projects JT is involved with.

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