Sagarmatha School, Shurkey
0% £10350 ($15,000) Required

£10350 ($15,000) Received

Sagarmatha primary School is a small one, with 15 students and 2 government sponsored teachers. The classrooms were badly damaged and the position of the school was prone to landslides so it had to be relocated. The cost to relocate and build the school, using local labour and locally sourced material was $15,000 (£9680). The position of the new school and the purchase of the land by the villagers was completed completed by mid October and soon after work started to clear the land and collect stones, in advance for the building work. By December, all of the materials to start construction had been purchased in Kathmandu, flown to Lukla and then carried to the school. In February, the foundations were complete and by March, the walls were up, roof on and the windows and doors were ready to go in. Final painting of the walls and woodwork took place in April and new uniforms and equipment were delivered in time for the official inauguration on May 16th 2016.

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