Satkanya School,  Sindupalchowk
100% £24000 Required

£24000 Received

Shree Satkanya Primary School has 82 students and 6 teachers, all 7 classrooms were either damaged or destroyed. The position of the school was prone to landslides so it had to be relocated and the children were taught in temporary tents for over a year. The costs to relocate and build the school, using local labour and locally sourced material was $30,000 with an additional $2,500 to provide new shoes, uniform, school bag and equipment to all 75 children.

A brief history:

October 2015 - The locals purchased land for a new school and a road extension was built to help with the building works. Designs and drawings were submitted for approval and decisions made regarding the best solution for the building, in terms of safety and cost.

Nov 2015 - The access road to the new site was complete and the diggers cleared the new site for the school.

Dec 2015 - Plans are finally approved for the school, JT have promised to donate funds.

May 2016 - The foundations are laid for the future! A new site, a new school and new hope for 80+ children.

Jul 2016 - The roof is finished to complete the ground floor.

Aug 2016 – The school was completed, the official opening was August 30th 2016.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

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