Udayan Home for Rehabilitation

Job Done!

This is a historic project and does not require any extra donations at the moment.

Udayan is a home for the rehabilitation of just over 300 boys and girls affected by leprosy. It provides them with medical care, education and vocational training with a view to enabling the children eventually not only to make their own way in life but also to support their extended families who are frequently among the poorest of India’s poor. Ultimately it is hoped that those who have been cared for and educated at Udayan will help to raise standards and dispel ignorance about the disease in the slums and ghettos from which they originated. The Juniper Trust has contributed £1,000 to a project to raise the home’s existing 150ft x 130ft “kitchen garden” by 3ft and provide it with a pump and proper drainage. Once paddy land, the whole area is at present waterlogged during the monsoon, which means that the yield from the land is very limited. The aim is to make it possible to supply the home’s kitchen with vegetables all the year round. Perhaps even more importantly, every year at least 50 children will receive training in agriculture. Learning to grow vegetables is an invaluable vocational skill which has also been shown to have therapeutic value for the children, many of whom have been through considerable trauma.

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