Yuwa Barsa Secondary School , Monjo
0% £$8,000 (£5500) Required

£$5000 (£3450) Received

Yuwa Barsa Lower secondary school in Monjo, just a short walk from Lukla, has 65 students with 3 teachers. Unlike several of the JT schools which were totally destroyed in the earthquake, Yuwa Barsa remained intact but several of the classrooms were damaged, as was the toilet block. With help from the Himalayan Trust and the Department of Education, the school has been repaired and is now open and fully operational. JT has provided a new water supply which was damaged during the earthquake at a cost of $5,000 (£3,250). In addition, as part of the JT’s commitment to continue to support schools once they have been built, $2000 has been raised for new uniforms and equipment for the students. These were delivered on May 16th 2016 when the school and water supply were officially inaugurated.

A special thank you to Ilkley Wharfedale Rotary who helped raise funds for the school bags and equipment

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