Jo Richardson Community School first travelled out to Kenya with KE Adventure in 2007. They were keen to do a community project at a local school during their trip. The Juniper Trust arranged for them to spend three days at Island Primary School in the Likipia region, north of Nairobi. The students were kept busy painting classroom walls, building desks and making new friends. Having formed links with Island Primary School, Jo Richardson were keep to maintain their support of the school and returned to Kenya in 2009 to build some new classrooms.

1n 2011, £4,000 was raised to complete the roofing and gutters for the three new classrooms and to purchase a large water tank. This will ensure that any rain that falls will be hygienically stored for use by the school. The water quality will be far better than the murky river water that is currently their only option.

Paul Hargreaves, a teacher at Jo Richardson school, has witnessed the evolving form of Island School on each visit. Classrooms have literally been raised from the ground, tables and benches built out of wood, classrooms painted, water tanks installed… The continuing support for this school has had such a positive impact on the lives of the hundreds of children who pass through its doors.