In April 2007, Students from King Edward VI Five Ways School visited the Ngayur Sangachiling School in Kalimpong. They helped out by adding finishing touches to newly-built classrooms and clearing the ground for the foundations of the main school building. The British students had quite an experience meeting and working alongside the local children of Kalimpong.

In Spring 2008, they visited Balodya School in Nepal and spent a few days working with and getting to know the students. Five Ways arrived equipped with paint, brushes, tools and trees to start on some of the improvements to Balodaya’s buildings and grounds requested by the local staff and pupils. After a few introductions the UK and Nepali pupils got themselves organised and were soon hard at it painting classrooms and clearing scrub and litter. The results are brighter, lighter and more welcoming classrooms, a more attractive school building and a cleared and flattened area lined with saplings, that we hope will provide a shady outside space for play and learning. The trees will also stabilise the soil, reducing erosion in the monsoon rains and offsetting some of the carbon generated during the trip. The visit wasn’t all hard work though, as Five Ways also brought musical instruments, board games, footballs, cones, stumps, bats and balls for some wildly enthusiastic cricket, soccer and volleyball games.

In 2009 the school went to Borneo with KE Adventure where they spent 24 hours living with, and helping, a tribe in the rainforest.