In July 2011, Fulford School travelled to the Cordillera Blanca and involved themselves in an ongoing project to provide solar lighting for villages in the surrounding areas. Money was raised to buy 400 lights, which were distributed to the villages of Jancopampa Chico, Yurac Coral, Achay and Pichocarpa. The group also replaced any faulty lights in the villages of Ingenio and Carhuacasha, which were originally installed in 2007. Many of the villages in this area have no electricity and these hand-held solar units enable house-holds to have a transportable source of light. Applications for the lights have to be submitted by each village committee, on behalf of their residents, to ensure that those most in need receive this support. Priority is given to the elderly and women with children. The lights can last for up to 7 years of use so they have a long term impact. Fulford School raised $838 towards the solar light project, as well as donating their valuable time and effort. The remaining funds for this $10,000 project were raised by the Juniper Trust.

Fulford School raised a further £750, which they put towards dental and stationery supplies.