Students and staff from George Watson’s College, Edinburgh spent three weeks in India in July 2008 as part of a KE Adventure Schools expedition. The 20 students aged 16-18 and three staff spent most of their trip in the high dry upland state of Ladakh, trekking through the magical Markha Valley and visiting some of the regions famous monasteries and temples. George Watson’s College raised over £2000 for repairs to the Markha Valley School; over £2000 in cash towards the Lingshed Area Children’s Hostel development and refurbishment and a further £500+ for a computer for the Hostel.

The College not only donated money - they also spent three days working alongside the Markha villagers, assisting in the construction of a new school roof, repairing the verandah, clearing an outside play area and building stepping stones and pathways for the local children to get to their classrooms and latrines with dry feet! Hard graft in hot sunshine with few tools and lots of dust! All at more than 3500m above sea level.

The Juniper Trust and Markha Valley School would like to say a big thank you to the George Watson’s College team and the families, friends and colleagues who helped raise a magnificent amount of money for several very good and needy causes in Ladakh.